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A B C D E F G … We all know what comes next. But would you be able to find an animal for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet? That’s exactly the type of game we decided to play, challenging ourselves to come up with fun kids’ knitwear designs using the alphabet as our starting point! A is for abeille (bee), B is for blaireau (badger), C is for coccinelle (ladybug)…

Stitch by stitch, row by row, and hey, all of sudden it takes shape: a little head, snout, ears… There, in the midst of all the colors, an animal is appearing. Designs range from figurative designs like a walrus head to a puzzle of stripes for the zebra. Just follow the charts and have fun. Each design’s details have been adapted to better reference the animals that inspired them, making for 26 lovely knits that tell us 26 different stories. Our giraffe design has a high neck to recall the giraffe’s long neck, the narwhal dives into one pocket and out the other on a cardigan, the raccoon is striped …

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Ceci est la traduction anglaise à télécharger du livre ABC des animaux à tricoter.

English version of the book “ABC des animaux à tricoter” – E-Book

Knitting these animals is so much fun and there’s no reason to stop there! We just love adding little details and trimmings to make them even more special. Kids are thrilled because these are not your run-of-the-mill sweaters. They’re full of amusing three dimensional elements that bring these sweet creatures to life. Each sweater has its own playful details: antennas, buttons for eyes, tentacles, felt teeth …

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert knitter, this book is for you. You will work from detailed pattern instructions as well as from a chart to know when to change colors
and how to create our animal motifs. Beginners have the option to knit a simple sweater and then to personalize it with lovely finishing details.

More experienced knitters will be able to play with designs, adapting the sweater designs to different animals. This book project is particularly near and dear to our hearts because in September 1983, La Droguerie’s original founding sisters designed a series of alphabet cardigans for the magazine “100 idées” n˚119. Years later, our family’s fiber story continues, and we, their daughters, wanted to give them a nod with the making of this book.

  • 26 knitwear designs
  • size : 2 years to 8 years
  • Simple level to advanced

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