Le livre Un amour de bébé + Traduction Anglaise


Le livre est accompagné d’un carnet de traduction en Anglais.

All babies are adorable!

“My munchkin, my monkey, my sweat pea, my cutie-pie, my poppet…” so many tender words for baby…

Here, at La Droguerie, we join in with our “little heart” wrap sweater, our “little kittens” hats, our “little sailor” slippers, our “so soft” cardigan… just as many pattern designs as sweet names to wrap one’s baby in tenderness.

la dedicates this book to all newborns, in the hope that their loved ones will enjoy covering them with tenderness as much as we have enjoyed designing and making all these little patterns…

because each baby is always an “adorable baby”!

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Type livre

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